Fantastic 6 Bundle


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Premium Dried Mangoes

INGREDIENT: Dried Mangoes, Sugar Mood Booster, Essential vitamin C,

Premium Dried Cranberries

INGREDIENT: Dried Cranberry, sunflower oil, sugar BENEFIT lower risk of cardiovascular disease, enhance oral health, prevent urinary tract infection (UTIs), help to prevent cancer

Premium Dried Figs

INGREDIENT: Dried Figs fighting diabetes,improving digestion, weight loss, healthy skin and hair
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Premium Golden Jumbo Raisin

INGREDIENT: Jumbo Golden Raisin BENEFIT Antioxidants, high fiber,

Premium Prunes

INGREDIENT: prunes, sunflower oil BENEFIT lower cholesterol, protect against cardiovascular diseases and other chronic illnesses

Premium Dried Apricots

INGREDIENT: Dried Apricot BENEFIT: High blood pressure control, skin glow enhancement, building muscle, regulate heartbeat

6 packs of premium dried fruits consist of:-

1 pack 130g Premium Dried Mangoes

1 pack 160g Premium Dried Cranberries

1 pack 160g Premium Dried Figs

1 pack 150g Premium Golden Jumbo Raisin

1 pack 290g Premium Prunes

1 pack 210g Premium Dried Apricots

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