Gemilang Ramadan Gift Box


Premium Pitted Prunes

Prunes (or shall we call them dried plums?) have been sold as a popular digestive remedy for decades. Beyond the benefits to your digestive tract, and the fact that they offer a sweet hit for only 30 calories, plums and prunes have many other wonderful health properties. INGREDIENT: Prunes, sunflower oil FEATURE: No Coloring, No Preservative, Lock Zip Packaging BENEFIT:

Premium Dried Mangoes

Aside from being one of the most sought after exotic tropical fruits due to its delicious pulp, the mango is considered one of the super fruits. Its impressive list of nutrients is similar to that of a food supplement! It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that our body needs for protection, development, and proper function. INGREDIENT: Dried Mangoes, sugar FEATURE: BENEFIT:

Premium Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are the same as fresh ones when it comes to nutrition. They still contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Calcium. They can also still help improve health and enhance skin condition. INGREDIENT: Dried Apricot FEATURE: BENEFIT:

Royal Mix (Roasted)

A truly royal mix of roasted almond, macadamia, pecan and cashew, Nutsculture Royal Mix 420g (Bulk Pack) is as healthy as it is delicious! Enjoy total crunchiness, even as your snack helps reduce the risk of heart disease, stress and inflammation. Perfect for those looking to reduce their blood pressure and increase good HDL cholesterol levels. INGREDIENT: Almond, walnut, macadamia, pecan and cashew nuts FEATURE: BENEFIT:

Keto Power Mix (Roasted)

Power up with Nutsculture Keto Power Mix,  a powerful combo of roasted walnut, almond and Brazil nuts, its benefits are manifold, and include better heart health and weight management, as well as the prevention of gallstones and even cancer. Keto nuts and seeds contain more fats than carbs per gram of fruit, and are rich in healthy fats and antioxidants, as well as low in carbs. This is the perfect keto diet for health freaks! INGREDIENT: Walnut, almond and brazil nuts FEATURE: BENEFIT:

Cholesterol Balance Mix (Roasted)

Worried about cholesterol? Well, there is good cholesterol and there is bad cholesterol. Nutsculture Cholesterol Balance Mix consists of roasted almond, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and golden raisins. Its rich content of folic acid helps reduce overall cholesterol, even as it aids the formation of new cells. Delicious crunchiness, the healthy way! INGREDIENT: Almond, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and golden raisins FEATURE: BENEFIT:

Weight Balance Mix (Roasted)

Enjoy all you want, without having to worry about weight gain, with Nutsculture Weight Balance Mix. A combo of roasted walnut, pecan and almond, this healthy mix boasts of natural superfoods that are rich in protein, antioxidants and healthy fats, that aid any weight control diet. If anything, your delightful snack might even help you to lose weight faster, thanks to its content of vitamins and nutrients like magnesium and zinc. INGREDIENT: Walnut, pecan and almond FEATURE: BENEFIT:

Workout Booster Mix (Roasted)

A combo of roasted dried cranberries, almond, cashew and sunflower seeds, Nutsculture Workout Booster Mix is perfect for anyone and everyone. This combo helps prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and lower the risk of heart disease. It is also high in dietary fiber, magnesium, calcium and potassium. These minerals protect the body against muscle spasms and fatigue, and help strengthen bones. Snack away to your hearts content, knowing that you're digging into healthy goodness! INGREDIENT: Dried cranberries, almond, cashew and sunflower seeds FEATURE: BENEFIT:

Runner Mix (Roasted)

Perfect for athletes, or those who live life on the fast lane, Nutsculture Runner Mix consists of a mix of roasted almond, cashew, pistachios and sunflower seeds. For starters, this combo helps protect the body against ailments such as high blood pressure, muscle spasms, soreness and fatigue. It also helps to keep bones strong and promote muscle function. INGREDIENT: Almond, cashew, pistachios and sunflower seeds FEATURE: BENEFIT:
Gemilang Ramadan Gift Box


Gemilang Ramadan Gift Set (10 products with total 1,475g)

1x Dried Apricots (160g)

1x Dried Mangoes (130g)

1x Pitted Prunes (160g)

1x Dates (300g)

1x Royal Mix (105g)

1x Runner Mix (120g)

1x Keto Power Mix (120g)

1x Weight Balance Mix (120g)

1x Cholesterol Balance Mix (140g)

1x Workout Booster Mix (120g)


1x Raya Gift Box (FREE)

1x Raya Greeting Card (FREE)

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Gemilang Ramadan Gift Set (10 products with total 1,475g)

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