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Premium Dried Apricots



Premium Dried Apricots


Dried apricots are the same as fresh ones when it comes to nutrition. They still contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Calcium. They can also still help improve health and enhance skin condition.

Dried Apricot



Dried Apricot

The apricot, also called Prunus Armeniaca, belongs to the Rosacea Family. It is described as a small, orange and yellow-colored fruit that has a tangy flavor. Unfortunately, fresh ones are often fragile. Fresh apricots tend to bruise easily and would not be able to survive the journey once it is harvested. This is why some apricots are dried.

The dried variety originates from a process that involves water evaporating from the fruit. But, it is a mild process and will not affect the nutritional value of the apricot. It would just degrade the water-soluble and heat-sensitive vitamins of the fresh fruit. The other nutrients that it contains will be concentrated.

Health Benefits of Dried Apricots

Blood clotting

Vitamin K is a vitamin found in dried apricots that is useful for blood clotting. This vitamin helps stop excessive bleeding.

Regulate heartbeat

Another benefit of the potassium in dried apricots is its ability to regulate proper fluid balance. It helps in regulating heartbeat and maintain proper muscle functions.

Building muscles

The potassium contained by dried apricots helps in improving metabolism, as well as the function of organs and tissues. This is important for normal body growth and muscle building, as well as the regulation of the acid levels in the body. It is also useful for protein synthesis.

Benefits during pregnancy

Infertility, hemorrhage, and spasms are possible problems during pregnancy. These can be cured by eating dried apricots, which can also be used for curing vaginal infections.

Dried apricots are considered an herbal medicine for pregnancy. They can be consumed moderately by lactating or pregnant mothers. They can serve as snacks as well.

High blood pressure control

Potassium in dried apricots is three times more than the amount in bananas. It contains only a trace of salt, which helps keep the blood pressure down. It also protects the body against heart diseases.

Skin glow enhancement

The oil from dried apricots is useful for skin care. It helps make the skin smooth and glowing. It can be a good remedy for sore ears, as well.


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